Silicone Babies And Reborn Dolls Make For A Great Child

My 13-year-old daughter just loves babies. No matter where we go of what we are doing she just never stopped talking about them, wanting to hold them, and more worryingly wanting to have one of her own. We always saw this as just one of those things that little girls liked to get involved in, but as she began to enter her teenage years and began a relationship with her first boyfriend the for that we had of for wanting a baby of her own really began to take centre stage.

Our fears were compounded when she admitted to her mother one night that she planned on taking things to the next level with her boyfriend of one year. To say we were shocked would be an understatement, but the real worry and problem at hand was the thought of for having a baby at such a young age and not knowing the difficulties that will bring for her not just at the present but later in life as well. We simply had to do something to show her that having a baby is not all that it is cracked up to be but she simply wouldn’t listen to any of our advice.

So when we saw something on TV about silicone babies and reborn dolls in particular the immediately knew that we had found the solution to our problems. All that we had to do was to get our daughter Melissa to look after one of these realistic looking baby dolls for 30 days. We sat her down and laid the deal out as clearly and concisely as possible. “You will look after this baby 24 hours a day for next 30 days and if after that you think that having a baby is still the best idea for you then we will consider it” we told her. Of course we were going to consider it at all, she was 13 for God’s sake and it is against the law but we wanted to see how it would go for her!

Her brand-new silicone baby came in the mail a few days later. At close to $100 this was going to be expensive lesson to learn, not for her, but for us who have to shell out the money for the lifelike doll! The doll itself really was a work of art with its cute little stubby fingers and bright beaming eyes. They hair that was obviously carefully woven into the scalp reminded me of how Melissa’s once looked when she was a young child lying cradled in my arms and that just further reinforced the idea of making her realise that she was making a huge mistake.

Since the silicone babies doll was an anatomically correct version it has all the body parts that you could imagine. It would cry and pee at all hours of the night and day and it soon became obvious after a few days of carrying him everywhere she went, whether it be to the mall with her friends or when her boyfriend was over that having a real baby was not going to be as attractive and idea has she first thought. Suffice to say that by the end of the 30 days she could no longer stand to have the silicone baby doll in her sights let alone her presence. It’s funny what a wise head knows and she now will tell you herself that the thought of having a baby literally turn her stomach with fear. It’s thanks to silicone babies that we no longer have to endure the thoughts of becoming grandparents while still in our fourties!

We are not saying that this is the only use for silicone babies since there are many people out there who collect them as collectables and I’m sure they make for a great hobby especially if you are building your own from scratch. But using them in the way we did really has its own advantages and should not be dismissed on the thoughts that they are only pretty little dolls meant to look like a realistic baby.

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