Amber Teething Necklaces And Children's Teething Problems

During a baby’s teething process period they can get quite upset and indeed very irritable. You may have found yourself looking for a solution to the pain that you’re young one is experiencing but to date the chances are that you have not found a suitable antidote to the problem. We too were in your shoes with our young one and happened to come across a product that is known as an Amber teething necklace. We were sceptical as to whether or not the claims that were made about them were true or not but we decided that we had tried everything else and so we had little option but to purchase an Amber teething necklace and try it out with our child.

Well to say that the results were exceptional would be an understatement! Our young daughter who was only two months old at the time suddenly went from needing to chew and gnaw on just about anything that she could find, drooling, crying, and suffering from obvious teething pain to become a picture of good health and happiness within hours of using this amazing piece of jewellery.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a Baltic Amber teething necklace is just an ordinary piece of jewellery however. Nor should you be in juice into the thought that because it is designed to stop teething problems that it should be chewed on. The truth is that it is neither one nor the other. Instead the neck lace is designed to be worn by the child and when the child’s body heat heats the Amber to a sufficient temperature it then begins to emit succinic acid which travels through the child’s skin and helps to relax them while soothing any pain that they may be experiencing whether it be teething related or not. Of course some people will comment on the jewellery and say that your child looked really “pretty” or “cool” as a side-effect, since in all fairness the Baltic amber teething necklace does make quite a fashion statement, but the main benefit of this type of jewellery lies in its healing properties rather than how it looks.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you should just choose the first Amber teething necklace that you come across. There are many different variations and colours of amber to choose from with some pieces being almost completely white, while others can range from a cloudy yellow to an almost black colour. It really doesn’t matter which colour you choose in terms of the healing properties that they possess so long as they are genuine pieces of Baltic amber that come from the Baltic region of Europe. The reason we mentioned this is because there are many sub-standard and / or replica and in some cases counterfeit Amber teething necklaces for sale that won’t do your child any good if you choose to purchase one of these for them.

As with any successful product there are always going to be some chancers who will create a knockoff product and claim it to be genuine and this is no different with these pieces of jewellery. You should be careful when buying an Amber teething necklace to ensure that it comes with the appropriate certification of authenticity as any genuine Baltic Amber supplier will happily produce. Even if you buy a Baltic Amber teething necklace online almost all genuine suppliers will supply one of these certificates as standard and package it with your purchase when they send it to you. If it hasn’t already been clearly marked on the website that this is the practice that the seller partakes in then you should enquire about it before placing an order since you don’t want to end up with a neck lace that doesn’t work for curing your child’s teething problems needs.

There are also some downsides that we need to speak about in regards to the necklaces and amber anklets. Since they are designed for young children to wear and are made of small pieces of amber there is a small chance that your child could choke on one of the pieces or even strangle themselves with the cord or string that is used to hold the pieces together. This is just something that we thought we should mention, although every precaution has been taken to minimise this problem by individually tying each piece of amber to the string so that in the event that the string breaks and the Amber falls to the ground, only one piece will fall off rather than the whole lot. Of course it only takes one piece to choke a child and we are not disputing that, but these are meant to be worn only under the supervision of responsible parents so hopefully that will negate any worries that you may have while you consider using an Amber teething necklace to alleviate your loved one’s teething problems.

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