High CBD Cannabis Strains For Sale

Classed as a class B drug in many countries, you can’t sell or give away marijuana or you will be charged with the sale and supply of an illegal substance. This is not the case however with marijuana seeds - not in every country anyway. In a number of European countries, while it is illegal to be cut in the possession of cannabis or to have a for sale and supply, it is in fact quite legal to own this seems that produce the plant. So long as you can prove that they are for souvenir purposes only then you are completely within your rights to own and even sell weed seeds.

This is why so many marijuana seed banks run their operations from out of Europe since there are no laws in place preventing them from selling their cannabis seeds online. People like Arjan from Greenhouseseeds.nl have become multimillionaires just from operating within this “loophole”, although why it’s even deemed loophole is ridiculous in our eyes.

Marijuana is one of God’s great creations and has been proven to possess some powerful healing properties. Yes there are some psychoactive side effects, but even these are no worse than the side-effects that millions of people experienced every weekend when consuming alcohol, and yet alcohol as not been outlawed in the way that marijuana has been.

Cancer sufferers often try marijuana as a way of treating the pain that is brought on by chemotherapy. Medicinal marijuana seeds have been purposely nurtured and perfected over many generations to produce a strain that is high in CBD values. These high CBD marijuana seeds for sale are an effective substitute to some of the chemically filled substances which are often prescribed to help treat the pain of millions of people around the world. If only governments were less strict on the use of marijuana to treat pain then millions of people wouldn’t have to intoxicate their bodies with one wasn’t chemicals from the drugs that chemists and doctors prescribe.

Perhaps some countries are starting to realise the benefits however with many states in the USA now legalising marijuana not only for medical use but also for recreational use. You would think that this would lead to other countries standing up and taking note of this, would yet Europe which is one of the biggest economies in the world behind the USA and China still seem to drag their feet on even extracting only the CBD from marijuana and using it as a medicine. If only the CBD was extracted and used and the rest was discarded, there is absolutely no way that any user would feel the normal effects of cannabis that the governments seem so hellbent on keeping away from us. Perhaps it’s down to the fact that these government lawmakers are ill-advised, or perhaps it is that they are naive in thinking that people will be going around getting stoned and high on their own supply, but personally we just think that they are being stubborn and arrogant and simply don’t know the real benefits that marijuana seeds possess.

If they only let certain people who were eligible for a medical marijuana card to grow some weed indoors they would save themselves billions on medical costs every year. Growing marijuana indoors as a medical patient is something that everybody should have the right to do. Who are the government to say that we can’t buy marijuana seeds and grow a few plants that have proven to help our ailing health. It’s absolutely absurd that in this day and age we are still treated like children by our governments. People need to stand up and be more vocal about the legalisation of marijuana, particularly in Europe. Or maybe the governments just need to ease their stance on marijuana, the cannabis seeds that produces, and the thought that everybody who wants to use it as just another hippy.

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